Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 3, October 2017 
Influence of Temperature And Storage Duration on Measurement of Prothrombin TimeV

Pages 11-16

Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; Mohammad Abd Allah Mohammad; Sherif Abdel Aziz Sayed; Amany Abbas Abdel Allah; Mustafa Adel Ahmed; Al Zahra Nasser Mahmoud

CD34 Expression as a marker of progression of chronic hepatitis C

Pages 19-24

Maha Mohamed Agamy; Ghada Moustafa Galal; Eman Muhammad Salah ElDeen; Nagwa Sayed Ahmad; Asmaa Naser Mohammad; Sheren Farrag Mahmoud

Durability and versatility of free lattismus dorsi muscle flap in leg defects

Pages 27-33

Mohamed hasnen; Tarek El-Gammal El-Gamma; Samia Saied; Ahmed Elsherbiny; Ahmed Gaber

Stem Cell Therapy

Pages 53-58

Elsayed Mohammed; Osama Osama BakrSadeek BakrSadeek; Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; AbdElhady RagabAbd El-Gawad; Medhat Ibraheem Mohammed; Amany Abbas Abdel Allah

Relationship between Ascaris lumbricoides Infection and Bronchial Asthma in Juhayna City, Sohag, Upper Egypt

Pages 61-64

Hanaa Ahmed El-Hady; Mohammed Abd El-Raheem; Amal Mostafa Ahmed; Nasr El Deen) Mohammed Ali; Ayman awad El- Zohari

Diagnostic Imaging and Different Modalities of Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Pages 77-86

Waleed Abu Al-Hasan; Mohamed Shoeib; Sherif Bakri; Ahmed Gaber Ahmed; Alaa Redwan; Mohamed Abdel-Aal hasnen

Added value of I131 SPECT/CT imaging after I-131 ablation in patient with differentiated thyroid cancer

Pages 119-128

Esraa mohamed Elnakib; Ahmed kandeel; Mohmed Soliman Gaber; Wafaa Abdel Hamid Elsayed; Amr Muhammed


Pages 119-134

Kamal Shaeer; ESSAMELDIN ABDELAZIZ NADA; Ramadan Saleh Abdo; Manal El Hamshary; Ashraf Ahmed Abd El-Latif

Study of Mean platelet volume in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Pages 135-142

El Hussieny Yousef Al Refaee; Hassan Ahmed Hassanin; Ahmed Mohamed Boghdady; Hamdy Saad Mohamad

Upper Endoscopic Findings in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Pages 143-146

El-zahraa kadry Mouhamed; Amal Khalifa Ahmed; Eman Sabet; Lotfy Hamed Abo Dahab

The Role of IL-23 in Patients with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Pages 153-159

Zeinab Mahmoud; Shereen. Aziz; Heba Ahmed; Omnia Safwat Fathy

Updates In Estimating Postmortem Interval

Pages 171-174

Maha Abd-Elhamed Hilal; Walaa Ahmed El-sayed; Ahmed Mohammed Said; Aya Magdy

Ocular higher-order aberrations in patients with various refractive errors

Pages 177-183

Eman Sabir Morad; Mohamed Anber Abd_ Elateef; Mohammad Hussein Mousa; Ismael Moussa Abdelatif

Expression of ILT 3 in Clonal Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Pages 211-207

Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; Shereen. philip Aziz; Heba Abdul Hafez Ahmed; Sherif Abdel Aziz Sayed; AbdElhady RagabAbd El-Gawad; Doaa Elsayed Saber

Hospital Acquired Infections by Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriacea

Pages 224-213

Abeer Sheneef Mohamed; Tamer Mahmud; Eman Ebrahim Darweesh; Dina Mohammed

Hyperopic Lasik Correction ,Out come ,Complication

Pages 227-231

Ismael Abdelatif; Zeinab Abdul Ghani Bakry; Mohammad Hussein Mousa; Alahmady Elsmman

Role of suction blistering in treatment of patients with stable vitiligo

Pages 233-237

Sara Ahmed; Samia Ahmed; Ramadan Saleh Abdo; Mohammed Ali

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 255-260

Ahmed R Radwan; Osama Ahmed Arafa; Abdullah Ahmed; Shereen Abd-El Mageed

Study of acute coronary syndrome in chronic kidney disease patients in Sohag University Hospital

Pages 273-277

Tarek Mahmoud Abdellah; Sharaf Abdallah; Nayel Abd ELhameed Zaki; Ali Taha Ali

Effect of Culture Technique on the Work Up in cirrhotic Patients with Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Pages 729-285

Osama Ahmed Arafa; Mahmoud Kamal Elsamman; Laila Yousef; Abdalla Rashad Mohammed; Ali mahmoud Kassem

Immunogenetics of some connective tissue disorders

Pages 287-293

Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; Mohammad Abd Allah Mohammad; Shereen. philip Aziz; Ahmed Mahmoud; Mustafa Adel Ahmed; Abeer Ali

Induction Chemotherapy Versus Upfront Chemoradiation for Locoregionally Advanced of Head and Neck Cancer

Pages 304-314

Al Sayed M Hassan; Asmaa AE Abo Agag; Fatma Ahmed Abd ElfatahRikabe Abd Elfatah

assessment of cognitive impairment

Pages 317-327

Mohamed mahmoud; Mohamed Said; Mohamed Thabet; Hanan yosef ali

Abdominal Wall Tumors: A Retrospective and Prospective Study.

Pages 333-338

Alaa El Din Hassan Mohammed; Asem Elsani Mohamed; Mohamed mohamed; Mohammed Ali

Congenital cervical fistulae: optimum age to avoid complication and recurrence.

Pages 401-404

Kamal El-Sharkawy; Omar Abdel_Raheem Sayed; Ahmed Gafar; Mohamed Allam

Usefulness of MRI in Differentiating Between Septic Arthritis and Transient Synovitis in the Hip Joint

Pages 405-411

Mahmoud Youssef Abd-Elhamid; Mohammad Tharwat Solyman; Anis Shiha; Khaled F Zaky

Vascular endothelial growth factor and hepatic neoangiogenesis in hepatitis C associated chronic liver disease

Pages 419-427

Maha Mohamed Agamy; Ghada Moustafa Galal; Eman Muhammad Salah ElDeen; Nagwa Sayed Ahmad; Asmaa Naser Mohammad; shereen Mahmoud

Blastocystis Hominis infection and Its Relation with Other Intestinal Parasites among Outpatients, Sohag, Egypt

Pages 429-436

Magda Mohammed Elnazer; M.A. Shatat Shatat; Eman Khalaf Omran; N Ali; Muhammed Abdul Latif Ibrahim; Nesreen Ali Mohammed

Prognostic Factors Of Adults B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Pages 441-446

Dina Adel Fouad; Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; Ahmed ahmed Allam; Shereen. philip Aziz; Nesma Mokhtar

Philadelphia Chromosome In Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Pages 447-252

Dina Fouad; Hasnaa Ahmed Abo- El Wafa; Ahmed ahmed Allam; Shereen. philip Aziz; Nesma Mokhtar

The Outcome of Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Sohag University Hospital

Pages 453-460

Hany Fathy Mohammed; Ismael Moussa Abdelatif; Ali Mahmoud Ismail; Hatem Ammar

Study of the predictive role of central venous oxygen saturation in acute type I respiratory failure patients

Pages 469-476

Hesham Gamal ali; Hamdy A. Mohammadien; Mohsen M. El-Shafay; Mona T Hossien

Surveillance ofbancroftianfilariasis in some foci in Sohag, Middle Egypt

Pages 477-483

Refaat MA Khalifa Khalifa; Amal Mostafa Ahmed; Mohamed AA Taha; Nasr Eldeen MM Ali MM Ali; HaithamKA Abd El Samea

Recent guidelines in preoperative assessment, premedication&perioperative documentation

Pages 589-595

Sara Mahmood Galal; Abd El Hady Ahmed Helmy; Ahmed Mohammed Abd El-Mabood; Al Hadad Ali Mousa

Audiological Profile of Patients with Vitiligo

Pages 605-614

Mohamed Mustafa; Mohamed Abd Al-Ghaffar Abdelrahman; Mohamed A. El-Hamd; Yasmeen A. Mohamed

Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block for postoperative analgesia after varicocelectomy operations

Pages 597-602

Wael Alham Mahmoud; Ahmed Hamody Hassan; Khald abdelfattah Mohamed; Ghada Abd EL Gaber Rezk

Follow up of activity in rheumatoid arthritis by gray scale US and power Doppler US for 12 months

Pages 523-517

Rabab . Ali; Esam Mohammed Abo Al-Fadl; Hanan Sayed Mohammed Abo-Zeid; Nihal Fathi

Quantitative Analysis of Reticular Fibers in CCl4-Induced Liver Cirrhosis in Mice

Pages 525-529

Eman E Abu-Dief; Doha Mohammed; Nesreen Abd El-Haliem; Sherine Mohammed; Ashraf . El-Badry

Isolation and Characterization of Multipotent Stem Cells from The Olfactory Mucosa and Olfactory Bulb of The Adult Male Albino Rats

Pages 555-563


Relation between global longitudinal strain and serum natriuretic peptide levels in acute heart failure

Pages 565-574

Mohamed. Abdelfatah . Mohamed; Amr. .Mahmoud; Ayman. Maher Asham; Mohamed. Ayman.Mostafa. Saleh

new protocol for subjective assessment of neurocognitive function in paediatrics

Pages 583-587

Somaya El-Sayed Hadhoud; Ahlam Abd El-Salam El-Adawy; Abeer Abd Elmonem Ahmed; Mona Abo-Alkasem Mahmoud Mahmoud