Postoperative analgesic efficacy of bupivacaine with hyalourindase in TAP block for lower abdominal surgeries

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Department of, anesthesia & ICU, fuclty of Medicine, Sohag university.


Aim : To evaluate the effect of addding hyalourindase to bupivacaine in TAP block for lower abdominal surgeries as postoperative analgesia.
Methods fifty patients  aged  between  20- 60 years  who were  scheduled for lower abdominal surgeries  included in the study and divided into two groups,after approval of ethical committee.This  study  conducted in Sohag university hospitals from September 2016 to March 2017.
Patients  were divided  into  two equal groups and all received spinal anesthesia  :-(Group A) 25 patients received 20 ml bupivacaine  injected in the plane between internal oplique  and transversus  abdominis musceles.(Group B) 25 patients received  20 ml bupivacaine added to 750 unit hyalourindase. Patients  were monitored for heart rate NIBP and oxygen saturation .In post –anesthesia care unit  patients were asked to assess  their level of pain based on visual analog scale (VAS) , complications also were observed .
Results :
Our study showes  that addition of hyalourindase to bupivacaine for TAP block  resulted in significant reduction in VAS pain score over the post operative 24hrs and reduction of post operative morphine requirments .

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