Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 2, 2024 (Clinical Science Volume) 
Updates on etiopathogenesis and management of planter warts.

Pages 11-18

Raghda Mohammed Hassan; Marwa Ali Abu elmagd; Mohammed Abu El-Hamd; Essam Abd-El Aziz Nada

Local treatments for alopecia areata: an update

Pages 19-27

Haisam Abdelrhman Ahmed; Osama El-Taher Mahmoud Ahmed

Serum Homocysteine level in the setting of acute coronary syndrome in young adult patients

Pages 44-54

Ali Mahmoud Kassem; Sharaf Eldeen Shazly; Mahmoud Abd El-Nasser Labib; Mohammed Ezzat Amin

Risk Factors of Recently Discovered Type II Diabetic Patients at Sohag University Hospitals

Pages 82-90

Amal Khalifa Ahmed; Amr Ibrahim Adam; Adel Abdelaziz Elsayed; Ali Altaher

Ascitic Fluid Calprotectin as an Accurate Diagnostic Marker for Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Pages 91-98

Alaa Saber Mohamed; Laila Mohamed Yousef; Ashraf Khodeary; Ahmed Noureldein Mohamed Salem

The Promising Role of Thoracic Ultrasonography in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism

Pages 109-115

Enas Khalifa Abuzied; Hamdy Ali Mohammadien; Ashraf Zein El Abidien; Khaled Fawzy Alkhayat

Patterns of Congenital Heart Diseases at Sohag University Hospital

Pages 116-124

Amr Abdelnaeem Khedewy; Mohamed Abdel Aal; Mohamed Kassem

An update on non-obstructive azoospermia; a narrative review

Pages 125-136

MOHAMED ALHUSSINI JAD ABDELLATIF; Wafaa Abd Elmageed; Mohammed Abu Elhamd; Essam Abd-El Aziz Nada; Tet JAD Yap

Impact Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus On Platelet Indices In Non-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Pages 137-143

mohammed khalaf morsi; usama ahmed arafa; Nayel Abdelhameed Zaki; Ahmed Mohamed aly

Pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction: an update.

Pages 160-165

Haisam Abdelrhman Ahmed; Osama El-Taher Mahmoud Ahmed; Mahmoud Hamdy Ahmed