Health Promoting Lifestyle Behaviors and Associated Factors among Sohag University Students

Document Type : Original Article


1 Public health and community medicine, Sohag university, Egypt

2 Public health and community medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt


Background: A healthy lifestyle and health-promoting activities should be considered a primary strategy for facilitating and preserving health. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 410 Sohag University students for the academic year 2022-2023.

Objectives: The aims of the current study were to assess health-promoting lifestyle behaviors among Sohag University students and identify socio-demographic determinants of the health-promoting lifestyle behaviors.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 410 randomly selected students of the Faculty of Science, Nursing, Education, and Arts at Sohag University, Egypt, during the academic year 2022-2023. A self-administered questionnaire was used for collecting data about socio-demographic characteristics and Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II (HPLP II)

Results: The mean score of the health-promoting lifestyle profile of the studied students was (132.86 ± 20.41); the nutrition domain had the highest mean score, followed by that of the spiritual growth domain (25.75 ± 4.95 and 24.93 ± 5.46). It was lower for interpersonal relationships and health responsibility domains (24.1 ± 4.62 and 22.16 ± 4.81). The lowest mean scores were for the stress management and physical activity domains (20.5 ± 4.28 and 18.57 ± 4.73). The highest percentage of the studied students had a good score at HPLP II, followed by a moderate score (45.9% and 40.9%).

Conclusion: The mean score of HPLP II of the studied students was considered to be at a good level, and the nutrition domain had the highest mean score, while the physical activity domain had the lowest mean score.


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