Prevalence, patterns, predictors and effect of cyberbullying among Sohag University students

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1 public health and community medicine department, faculty of medicine sohag university, Egypt

2 Public Health and Community medicine department, faculty of medicine Sohag University ,Sohag, Egypt

3 Public health and Community medicine department,faculty of medicine Sohag University,Egypt


Cyberbullying can be defined as intentional aggression through electronic routes, such as text messages, e-mails, chat rooms, online games, and social websites. Numerous subtypes of cyberbullying have been reported. The aim of the current study was to Study the situation , patterns, and the implications of cyberbullying among Sohag University students .An analytical cross-sectional study was conducted among 500 students of Sohag university, during the period from October 2022 to April 2023, using a semi-structured questionnaire to collect data about socio-demographic characteristics of the study participants ,correlates, patterns of cyberbullying. The results illustrated that (54.6%) of the study participants reported being cyberbullied. Males reported more subjection to cyberbullying (55.8%) as compared to females. As well as a majority of the 211 students agreed that “Facebook” is the first platform on the social media showing existence of cyberbullying out of 500 students. Explains that majority of students answered that “offensive comments” is the most common form of cyberbullying n social media platforms. Based on the results of the study , it’s recommended to: Implement anticyberbullying programs tailored for university students will be a major step .Such programs should include anticyberbullying policies and materials and provision for guidance of students, their parents, and their teaching staff.


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