Unmet Health Needs among Sohag University Students

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1 Public health department,sohg university

2 Public health and community medicine

3 public health department,sohag university


Background: The gap between the amount of healthcare services believed to be required to treat a particular medical problem and the services actually received is referred to as unmet health needs. Objectives: This study aimed at studying the unmet health needs among university students and their causes: either problems of service availability or accessibility or acceptability. Method: it is a cross-sectional study including 435 university students in Sohag University, the University students were randomly chosen by a stratified random sample from randomly selected 4 faculties. The study was done using a questionnaire in the academic year 2023. Results: This study was performed on 435 university students, of whom (44.1%) reported unmet health needs. As regard causes of unmet health needs, 70.8% of those who had unmet health needs reported acceptability problems, while 68.2% reported service availability problems. Conclusions: The highest percentage of the studied population who had unmet health needs reported that there were service acceptability problems and then, the availability problems.


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